Monday, September 1, 2014

Noble County Ohio, Seneca Township Utica Shale Production Shines

Data reflects public information available from the Ohio DNR as of August 23, 2014, including production data through Q1 2014.

Seven of top ten Q1 2014 liquid producers lie in Noble County
According to recent Ohio DNR well activity and production reports, Noble County Ohio wells (Seneca Township in the Northeast specifically) are some of the most prolific liquid producers in the state. The Q1 2014 released production data showed Noble County with 7 wells (all in Seneca Township) among the top 10 liquid producers during the quarter. Harrison and Guernsey County wells rounded out the top 10 liquid producers.

Map - Utica Shale Wells in Noble County Ohio
Surface locations: White square
Well paths and bottom hole locations: Red (drilling), Yellow (permitted only), Green (producing), Gray (drilled, not yet producing).

Antero Resource the most active driller
Antero Resources has a coveted position in the northern region of the county and is the most active driller as of August 23, 2014 with 35 wells drilling followed by CNX Gas with 3 wells drilling. No other operator showed wells drilling in the August 23 activity report.

Operators producing
Antero Resources shows most wells producing with 25, followed by CNX Gas with 23, and Anadarko and Rex Energy with 3 each.

Wells permitted only
Wells classified as "Permitted" only show Antero Resources with 14 followed by CNX Gas, Anadarko, Enervest, and Eclipse with 1 each.

Wells drilled and not yet producing
CNX Gas leads wells of this status with 11 wells showing as Drilled and awaiting Production, followed only by Antero Resources with 5 wells drilled but not yet producing.

Noble County Township Map with number of wells in each as of August 23, 2014Noble County shows 76 total wells at various stages from permitted to producing. Township by Township wells noted below.

Beaver Township shows 19 wells drilling, 4 more producing and 4 permitted.
Seneca Township shows 20 wells producing, 5 drilled, 4 drilling, and 6 permitted.
Marion Township shows  9 wells, all drilling
Center Township shows 4 wells, all permitted only
Buffalo Township shows 1 well, producing.

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