Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Utica Shale Ohio - Latest Report Shows 1,004 Ohio Wells

The latest report (updated August 9, 2014) out of the Ohio DNR shows 1,004 Utica / Point Pleasant wells as either Producing, Drilled, or Drilling. Reaching the 1,000 milestone had been widely anticipated and is quite an accomplishment. The number also underscores the huge investment by the oil and gas industry in the state given the estimated 5-7 million cost to drill each well, in addition to the enormous benefits enjoyed by the State's economy and those residents fortunate enough to own mineral rights in the active drilling fairways.

Report Breakdown
  • 427 wells classified as "Permitted"only
  • 199 wells classified as "Drilling"
  • 310 wells classified as "Drilled"
  • 495 wells classified as "Producing"
New permits for the week
9 new permits for the week ending August 9th (8 in Guernsey County and 1 in Carroll County), with 2 of those (American energy operated) already listed as drilling.