Q2 2016 Utica Shale Production Map and Data

Q2 2016 production map and data as reported by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources here. NOTE: this map was prepared by merging location data from weekly ODNR activity reports and matching on API#. Inexplicably, 22 wells did not have a matching API # in activity reports with lat/long data. These missing wells are listed under the map. Missing Lat/Long match data has been in issue in the past.

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Not mapped, missing Lat/Long


2015 Top Oil & Gs Producers - Utica Shale Ohio

Wells with 100,000 barrels of oil or more in 2015 (27 wells)
Wells with 3,000,000 MCF gas or more in 2015 (38 wells)
White square is surface location 



Barrels of Oil / year

Small red symbol = 100,000 or more  barrels but less than 135,000 barrels
Larger red symbol = 135,000 barrels or greater
Red star = Top oil producer


Gas MCF / year
Small green symbol = 3,000,000 or more MCF but less than 3,500,000 MCF
Large green symbol = 3,500,000 MCF or greater
Green arrow = 3 wells all about 5,600,000 MCF


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Utica Shale Ohio - Q3 2014 Production
Maps & Data

Q3 2014 production from the Utica Shale in Ohio was released December 5th, 2014. I've created several related posts that can now be found on my home page, including notes on production decline, Q2 vs. Q3 production comparison, top counties, and more.

**The Ohio DNR production report included 43 wells with no oil or gas production, these wells are not displayed. In addition four wells had API numbers that did not match any API number from the Nov 29 activity report, where I acquire lat/longs to enable mapping the data. These wells are also not included.

A LARGE map  of *all.
Top 10 gas wells (1,000,000 MCF +)
Top 5 oil and gas wells (25,000 barrels +)

NOTE that for all maps I've mapped surface and bottom hole locations only, no well path. Surface locations are white squares, bottom hole locations are green dots. You will need to zoom in to distinguish surface and bottom hole locations that are tightly spaced.

As always, all data and maps are sourced from the Ohio DNR reports and while great care is taken to be accurate, I take no responsibility for any errors.

All** here.
Click on symbols to see production data, well names, etc.

Utica Shale Ohio - Q2 2014 Production Map

All data below is sourced from the Ohio DNR release of Q2 2014 production data in the Ohio Utica / Point Pleasant Shale. The Ohio DNR production report did not include well locations (lat/longs). Locations were determined by matching API numbers with activity reports which do include location data.  A small number of wells reporting production did not have a matching API in the activity report so the location is uncertain. Wells not mapped are listed by county underneath the map. Select wells to see production numbers.

Not included in the map above:

Cumulative Production: Q1 2013 through Q1 2014

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Q1 2014 Ohio Horizontal Wells Production Report
465 of 477 reported wells reported. 12 wells missing due to lack of match with lat/long reports. Some guesses could be made on these wells but they are left off to be sure. 

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Q4 2013 Ohio Horizontal Wells Production Report
386 of 397 reported wells reported. 11 wells missing due to lack of match with lat/long reports. Some guesses could be made on these wells but they are left off to be sure. Missing well numbers and list included below. Click on symbols and location for Q4 production data. Please see important notes under this map.

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BOPD (Barrels of oil/day) & MCF/day Were calculated from reported days of production. Note that the fewer the days of production the less likely that the averages will persist over any length of time.

Preparation - Note this this map was prepared using a Match/Merge routine, taking API number as the key field and merging location data provided from other reports. Care was take to attempt to do this accurately but the preparer takes no responsibility for errors.

11 wells missing from the map - This map is missing 11 wells due to the fact that I could not find a matching API from weekly activity reports which is where I could obtain the Lat and Long locations for placing on the map.

Q3 2013 Ohio Horizontal Wells Production Report
(278 of 285 reported wells included due to lack of API match and Lat/Long data needed) Data Source: Ohio DNR
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Note: This LARGE Map includes a blue "Filter" tab in the upper left that allows you to filter the map by any attribute including status, operator, county, township and more. Source: Ohio DNR

Producing Utica Wells (Ohio) 385 TOTAL  (As of 3/1/14)
Chesapeake (231)           Enervest (3)
Gulfport (37)                  EQT (3)  
Antero (19)                    Halcon (4)
HESS (16)                       BP (4)  
CNX (12)                        Chevron (2)        
Rex (13)                         Hilcorp (2)
PDC (11)                         Devon (2)                     
Anadarko (7)                   HG (6)
Atlas Noble (5)                Mountaineer (1)
American Energy (1)        Brammer (1)
Eclipse (1)                      Triad (1)
XTO (3) 

Utica Shale Well Production Data 2012
Note: 3 wells are missing from this map when compared to the report provided by the OH DNR. The wells are missing because no Lat/Long data was located. The three missing wells are: Chesapeake, Kenneth Buell 8H, PDC Energy Hickenbottom 1, PDC Palmer 44-20.

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Utica Shale  Well Production Data 2011
First 2011 mandatory data release

Source: Ohio DNR 
"..Law requires the owner of any well capable of producing oil and gas to report oil, gas and brine production data annually on each well to the Division by March 31 for the preceding calendar year." As a result, production data is delayed, though occasionally operators will release indications of production success or actual data."