Friday, January 17, 2014

Ohio DNR Report - Jan 11, 2014 - Highlights

Highlights of the report dated Jan. 14, 2014 from the Ohio DNR,  reporting activity up to Jan. 11th.

1042 total permits issued in total, adding six additional permits so far this year, five for Chesapeake, four in Lee Township, Carroll County, and one in Franklin Township Columbiana County. Tria Hunter was issued one permit in Aurelius Township, Washington County. Maps of new permits is below.

Chesapeake, Peterson 36 wells (permit pad location for four wells)

Chesapeake Briceland Trust 24-14-4 5H (permitted & drilling)

Triad Hunter Farley 1306 AH (permit location)

In addition, the report showed 100 wells drilling (down slightly from end 2013), 309 wells drilled and not yet producing, and 270 wells classified as producing (up 21 from end 2013, a nice bump).