Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Utica Shale - Ohio June 21st 2014 Report - What's New?

Highlights from the Ohio DNR Utica Shale / Point Pleasant Shale Activity Report

32 new Utica Shale permits were issued for the week, map here. Halcon permitted the lone well in the North in Trumbull County. The remainder of the new permits were issued in Harrison (8), Monroe (7), Belmont (6), Guernsey (4), Carrol (3), and Noble (3).

163 wells are listed as "drilling" for the week, map here. Wells classified as drilling are up by 10 from 153 last week. Harrison county reports the most wells drilling at 36 followed by Monroe (31), Carroll (23), Noble & Guernsey (19 each), and Belmont (16). From there the activity by county drops sharply with Columbiana, Jefferson, and Morgan (3 each), and Portage, Trumbull, Washington (1 each).

Producing wells increased by 3, attributed to Chesapeake wells in Union Township (Carroll County).

Other statistics to report include, wells drilled and awaiting production (up 8 to 292), and wells listed as permitted only (up 2 to 441).

Note that the data (including well status) and maps are as accurate as the reporting which, by law, can lag a bit, up to 60 days, and while I take care to attempt to be accurate, I take no liability for mistakes made.